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On the practical and pragmatic - zuo jianxin chairman of the production base in hunan province on th

Date: 2018-09-11
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The spirit of hard work is the soul of the enterprise.

So what is the spirit of hard work? The popular point is that employees work hard and work hard to complete their own work, but the spirit of hard work does not only show hard work and hard work. I think its main performance should be 'scientific hard work' , Tenacious and hard work, innovative and clever work 'as a whole.

The first is scientific hard work. Whether an enterprise can develop beneficially depends not on the number of employees and the organization of the organization, but on the existing employees who can actually work for the company, because the company ’s organization can be in a full state In good operation, for a company, more staffing is often because everyone has completed the work at hand and then went online, played a game, or lost in the face of a job with a less clear division of labor The initiative, more or less, will hold the idea that if you do n’t do it, there will always be others who will do it, the same reason, the same is true for the organization. In this way, the enterprise loses the enthusiasm of its employees, and it is no longer possible to carry out further tacit cooperation between colleagues and colleagues, and between institutions and institutions.

Secondly, the tenacious and hard-working spirit is the hardworking and hard-working spirit of employees. Hard work and hard work is another important part of our entrepreneurial spirit. Successful entrepreneur Ma Yun said: 'The first thing I do to assess an employee's ability is to see if he can work hard, not first. Ability, how to have the ability, because the ability can learn, and the quality of hard work can not be learned for a while. 'Hard work is the basis for a team to maintain its development. As we all know, the Germanic clan is the hardest Nerable celebrities, the failure of the Second World War made Germany almost completely ruined, and then after only a few decades, Germany revived again and has now become the de facto leader of Europe, thanks to its The hard work and hard work of the people is attributed to their hard work of working more than ten hours a day. The same is true for an enterprise. On the basis of stubborn hard work, all employees do not work too hard for their personal interests and work hard in their own positions. Can such enterprises have good development?

The third is innovation and clever work. The spirit of hard work of an enterprise is not enough, and the spirit of hard work is also reflected in innovation and clever work.

Skillful work is to use the basic factors owned by your own company and individuals to focus on breaking the ideology of conditionalism and monism, strengthen the consciousness of dare to dare to dare to try, dare to lead, and work hard in innovation, find a way out, and seek breakthroughs . Focus on emancipating yourself from out-of-date concepts, practices, and systems. A little bit of innovation accumulation can create a path of wisdom, and it is also the only way to leapfrog breakthroughs. The development of an enterprise requires us to open up greater ingenuity and wisdom in the clever work of innovation, to condense higher wisdom power, and promote the company to be good and fast development of.

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