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KYN61-40.5 (Z) armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for indoor complete power distribution devices with three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 40.5kV, which is mainly used for power distribution in power plants, substations and industrial and mining enterprises It is used for receiving and distributing electric energy, controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit, meeting the requirements of IEC60298, GB3906, DL404 and other standards, and having perfect 'five prevention' functions.
KYN28A-12 series indoor metal armored removable switchgear is a new type of central switchgear developed on the basis of widely absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It can be used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings 6- The 10kV power distribution device is used as a single bus system to receive and distribute electrical energy.
XGN2-12 box-type fixed AC metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as switchgear) is used to receive and distribute electrical energy in power systems with a rated voltage of 3.6-12kV, three-phase AC 50Hz, and a rated current of 630-4000A. Suitable for occasions with frequent operation, the bus system is a single bus, which can be derived from a single bus with bypass and double bus system.
HXGN □ -12 Box-type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as ring network cabinet) is suitable for AC 50HZ, 10KV power system as breaking load and short circuit and closing short circuit current. The ring network cabinet is equipped with manual and electric spring mechanisms to operate the load switch, and the grounding switch and isolation switch are equipped with manual operating mechanisms. The ring network cabinet has strong complete set, small size, no risk of combustion and explosion, and has a reliable 'five prevention' function.
This product is suitable for 10kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system. As a transformer, distribution, metering, compensation, control and protection device, the product complies with GB / T6451, JB / T10217 'Combined Transformer' standard.
This product is used in 12kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system, as a complete set of substation, distribution, metering, compensation, control and protection. In addition to the transformer, the four-station (or two-station) load switch, backup protection fuse and plug-in fuse are installed in the substation.
This product is a special equipment connected to the grid after the 0.6-0.69kV voltage from the wind turbine is increased to 10kV or 35kV.
The product has all functions such as system monitoring, system control, system communication, etc. that can fully meet the needs of distribution network automation. It is a new generation of automatic power distribution equipment developed by Huadian Hi-Tech according to the needs of urban development.
This product is a product developed and designed by our company in combination with the current status of domestic low-voltage switchgear. Adopt the current advanced cabinet assembly assembly structure, which belongs to a new generation of drawer switch cabinet. The structure is novel, compact, and the layout is reasonable. The selection of components is advanced and reasonable. It meets the power system of AC 50 ~ 60Hz, rated working voltage 660V, and rated current up to 5000A and below.
This product is used as a low-voltage complete power distribution device for three-phase AC frequency 50 (60) Hz, rated current of 4000A and below, distribution in power supply systems, centralized control of motors, and reactive power compensation.
This product is suitable for the control and distribution system of AC 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage 660V and below. It consists of power distribution center (PC) cabinet and motor control center (MCC). Used as power distribution equipment for power distribution motor control and lighting.
Huadian Hi-Tech has developed and designed a new type of control cabinet based on a large number of production practices, combined with the common characteristics of ABB, MD190 'Anya' cabinets and other low-voltage complete sets at home and abroad.
This product is widely used in power user