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This device is mainly used in 3-35kV power system to compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, adjust grid voltage, reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, and improve the efficiency of power supply and distribution equipment. From thousands to thousands. The device has been comprehensively considered in terms of main wiring type, protection method, inrush current limitation and harmonic overload suppression to ensure safe and reliable operation; the device has a simple and compact structure, which is convenient for on-site installation and maintenance; it can be used in metallurgy, mining, Petroleum, chemical, machinery, building materials, municipal, light industry and other industries.
This device is mainly composed of multiple LC filter branches composed of filter capacitors, filter reactors and non-inductive resistors, which are connected in parallel to the power grid where the nonlinear load is located. Each filtering branch is designed according to the composition, size and reactive power requirements of the harmonic current. For harmonics, each filtering branch is equivalent to a low-impedance channel, so that the corresponding harmonic current mostly flows into this branch (as shown in the figure below), so as to filter harmonic currents, make the common point voltage The purpose of reducing distortion. At the same time, the device can provide capacitive reactive power to the system to improve the system power factor. The device covers various voltage levels from 3...
SLVC series dynamic filter compensation device is mainly used for harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation for low-voltage systems with low power factor and harmonic pollution. The device can choose different structure types and switching switches to automatically track the load changes according to the load characteristics and changes, and respond in real time, which can keep the system power factor in the best state at the same time while filtering harmonics. It is suitable for various working conditions, especially for sudden load, such as rapid compensation of reactive power of sudden load such as electric welding machine, injection molding machine, rolling mill, air compressor and so on. The device is composed of a controller, thyristor (or contactor), capacitor, reactor, ...
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