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The high-voltage common box closed busway is a new type of busway jointly developed by our factory and many domestic scientific research institutions. It is suitable for power supply system with AC 50 ~ 60Hz, voltage 3.6-35KV and rated current 400 ~ 6300A. The bus duct is widely used in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises and other places as the electrical connection between the generator and the main transformer, the transformer and the high-voltage distribution cabinet and the main circuit of the high-voltage equipment. The delivery length is set at 2m / section, generally the length of a single section is not more than 3m.
The dense busbar is suitable for AC three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire system, frequency 50 ~ 60Hz, rated current 100 ~ 5000A power supply and distribution system, as industrial and mining, enterprises and high-rise buildings power supply and output system output It is especially suitable for the transformation of workshops and old enterprises.
Cable tray as a supporting project of wiring project, because there is no special specification guide at present, the installation method of production is determined: the fixing method of the bridge is determined according to the setting conditions of the site, and the suspension type and the vertical type are selected. The cable bridge consists of a straight section of trough type, tray type or stepped type, a bend, a tee, a four-way component, a supporting arm (arm type bracket), a hanger, etc. It constitutes the full name of a rigid structural system with closely supporting cables. The cable bridge, as a carrier for carrying various cables, is subject to the needs of wiring and should also be implemented in accordance with the above principles. Due to the parallel crossing of various pi...
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